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Cruel Summer – The tiny monologue competition.

Summers the theme!  Cruel Summer!   The cruelty… oh yes, the sadistic cruelty.  Wax lyrical writers but you only have limited words to create character, story, plot, setting and a lush cruel summer feel.  And only a couple of weeks to craft, cut and shape your monologues.

There are two categories and you can enter each as many times as you like, but it is a quid a time.  That’s one pound Stirling (1.00 GBP) for you on distant shores.  One hundred and fifty (150) words maximum for the word misers and three hundred (300) words maximum for the sloths.  

Enough cruelty my lovelies, the challenge is to get you all seeing how few words you can use and still keep meaning.  Most of us spray words about the page but this exercise is about restraint.  It is also about space, punctuation and simplicity.  Can what you don’t write create impact?  Think about the spaces and silences in music.  Does the rhythm of words colour the work?  Can punctuation change the tone?

The entries will be read and judged by the bed bound Sharon Colpman.  The top three entries in each category will be filmed and put out online.  The writer and actor will be able to use for their own promotions, showreels etc.  We retain the right to have extra winners if the quality demands it.  

We will read some of the entries at a special Writer’s Drop In on Thursday July 20th via Zoom.  We can all learn from each other.  


The rules.

Style:  Monologue.

Theme:  Cruel Summer

Category 1:  150 words maximum

Category 2:  300 words maximum

Closing date:  July 19th

Entry Fee:  £1.00 per entry

Format:  Word document or PDF

Identifiers:  Monologue must have a title but not identify the writer.

Entries per person: Unlimited but £1.00 per entry.


All decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into.  The competition is to be judged by Sharon Colpman but we reserve the right to bring in extra readers if required.  There is no cash prize and the filming will be done at our discretion but as soon as possible. 

This competition is now closed! Winners will be announced soon,