Some People Have “IT”- as part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival

Some People Have "IT"- As part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival

Friday 11th October at 18.00 and 20.00 tickets £5-7

Written Directed and Performed By Sinead Renaye

Script Edited by Sharon Colpman

A one women show in which Sinead Renaye reveals herself…respectfully!

Sinead is a mixed Heritage actor who is trying to work in the tangled world of the creative industry. She discusses topics such as the pressures of growing up Black, the blaze attitude of university tutors and the dreaded Casting Directors. There will be pathos and humour plus Barbie and Dancing. Sinead doesn’t pull any punches so join her for a night exploring the arts from her perspective.

No age limit.



The Bot – as part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival

The Bot - As part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival

Thursday 10th October at 18.30 and 20.15 tickets £5-7

By William Thacker 

Directed by Amber Buttery
When Prime Minister Tobias Quantick promises to rebuild Britain, his lack of decisiveness is a barrier to progress. When a scientist visits with an AI chatbot that can rule the country for him, Tobias jumps at the idea. But when the AI takes a dark twist, after his chief of staff makes a blunder, Tobias has to decide if the truth is really worth it. The Bot is a dark comedy and a political satire for our times.

Actors: Ted Grant and Denny McDermot plus TBA


Queer Words – Play night

Queer Words - Play Night at the Studio Below

Saturday 31st August- 7pm and 8.30pm - tickets £5-£7

Enjoy three 20 minute plays chosen from entries from Grin Theatre and The Make it Write community.  There will be two performances of the three plays, one at 7pm and one at 8.30pm. Please book your tickets at the link below.

If you wish to enter your 20 minute play it must be 20 minutes long give or take 2 minutes. We will also only except plays on an LGBTQ theme.  Please include your Name, email address and phone number on your play. Number your pages and include a character list and short synopsis. There is a character limit of 4  per play and set must be minimal. Please only enter one play and do not send edits after the deadline.

Entries to


Deadline for Entries 20th July

Queer Words – Spoken Word Night

Queer Words - spoken word night at the Studio Below

Sunday 1st September - Pay what you decide

Join us for a night of flash fiction, poems, monologues and duologues. We are still taking entries for our spoken word event which will be a chance for the Make it Write Community and the Grin Creatives to celebrate all their hard work. Some open mic spots will be available if time allows. Suggested donation at the door is £5

If you wish to enter; your duologues can be a maximum of 10 minutes and all other entries a maximum of 5 minutes. Work not fitting the time criteria will not be used. We are looking for work that has any subject that includes an LGBTQ context. Please cast and direct your piece yourself but if you are struggling to find an actor, let us know. Please include all actors names along with your submission. It will be first come first served.

Entries to

Deadline for Entries 31st July

Passing Moustache

Passing Moustache

A stylised and poetic look at how we process change… in ourselves, others and society.   What do we feel when faced with new ways of perceiving race, culture and gender. what are the prison bars we refuse to see?  The writing poses big questions but finds understanding in the minutiae.

The political is public but the personal is obscured, complicated by the secrets we keep from ourselves. 

Tickets are £8 full price, £6 concession


Cast and Crew


Alec Marriner                     Cory Sapienza

Barry Black                          Mark Prescott

Cee Green                           Michelle Phillips

Dalibor Rybar                    Terence Caddick

Eddie Pinkney                    Ted Grant

Fiona Fern                            Rachel Davies

Gerry Silver                         Sonia Sidje 


Director: Merv Jones

Writer/Producer:  Edward Gray

Stage Manager:  Siobhan Pearson

Graphic Design & IT: Blake Emery

Executive Producer: Sharon Colpman

A Make It Write Production

From the Executive Producer

I often get unsolicited plays landing in my inbox with an excited ping.  I usually redirect the sender to the writers drop in, but this was different.  It was from Ted Gray who was already attending the drop in and had told me about his play.  I read it.  At the time it was just the bare bones and it wasn’t the shape of a normal play.  It crashed over me like a wave and then reset with a chorus.  At 58 years old, I don’t often get excited about much, but I could see the potential in this extract.  The play became the Passing Moustache and I could not be more pleased to present it to you.

Sharon Colpman