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Double Bill – Uncle Toad and I hate Charlie Pickles

Double Bill-Uncle Toad and I hate Charlie Pickles

Friday 13th October at 6.30 and 8pm (2 showings)

I Hate Charlie Pickles

By Ian Cragg
Director Kevin Foott
Assistant Director Catherine Leen
An ageing old style comic struggling to make a living yearns to shed his stage character and do something new. When opportunity knocks his agent is anxious about his abilities and hides the great chance. Fate takes a hand, but who has the last laugh?

Actors: Graham Padden, Sarah Howes-Dixon and Darren Jones


Uncle Toad. 

By Jamie Cunliffe. 
Director Sinead Renaye


A personal powerful drama. When the legendary evil uncle Nick (otherwise Uncle Toad) arrives unannounced, Chris learns some startling stuff about his past. But Nick’s nasty history is also entwined with Chris’s wife Maggie. What secrets will he disclose about her? 

Actors: Dan Fieldsend, Clare McGrath and Andy Edwards