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The Keys to Life and Reflections our entries to the Leverhulme Drama festival

The Keys to Life and Reflections

Reflections Monday 15th April and The Keys to Life Tuesday 16th April 7.00pm at The gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight

As part of the Leverhulme Drama Festival we bring you two plays:

Reflections by Matt Shiel and directed by Liz hardy, see’s two single people trying to navigate the new world of dating and hiding your baggage, or trying to. This ‘will they or won’t they’ play sees the morning ramblings of our couple trying to understand if they like and want their opposite number. With Craig Woodcock and Hannah Monks.

The Keys to Life by Brian Hutchinson and directed by Kevin Foott enters the world of Sara, trapped within her own mind. It looks at the madness of humanity, how global events impact on our minds and how the actions of a single despot can trip someone into a solitary world of anxiety. This is also a love story told in poetical prose unlocking a subliminal message of hope, love and compassion. Unlock your mind to something bigger.