Stories to Screen

stories to screen

Everyone has a tale to tell

Our lottery funded project is offering people that would like to start writing but are not sure where to start or people that prefer to tell stories out loud but struggle putting pen to paper. We are also offering spaces to people that would like to learn about film making and editing but don’t have the equipment to give it a try. Patrick Graham, echo journalist for L8, and other special guests, will be joining us on this playful journey to discover the stories you’d like to tell and those that are personal to you. The project allows you to organise a spoken word night and as your stories are turned into films and documentaries, a film night will end the course. There is no fee to participate but an understanding of the value of this course to each member must be recognised at the start of the course. The course will start Wednesday 24th May, 18.30-20.30 at the Studio Below, Liverpool. Contact us if you would like to hear more. Please let us know why you’d like to be part of the course.

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An introduction into the creative world of sketches, skits and all things silly through improvisation, devising and sharing fun together.
Whether you’re a keen writer, performer or lover of comedy all are welcome.
Co-facilitated by professional artists Merv and Jen, who between them have a wealth of creative knowledge and making stuff up and being daft off and on stage.

The taster session is designed to show you the importance of improvisation and devising when it comes to script writing and sketch writing.

Decide if you’d like to continue onto the full course of workshops at the end of this taster session.

Join us on Sunday 7th May (10am – 4pm) but sign up below. The full day is only £30


Make it Write-a-Vision

Make it Write-a-Vision

FRI 05 MAY 2023 19:30 - SAT 06 MAY 2023 19:30

Four new plays celebrating Liverpool hosting the Eurovision contest. The local Ukraine community was kind enough to offer our team some ideas. On offer “Love Shines a Light,” about a Eurovision duo getting back together, by Crosby writer Bernie Winston; “From Waterloo with Love”, about a taxi ride with romance in the air, by Steve Bird from Liverpool; “Iceland”, could love decide who wins a special Eurovision pub-quiz? by Dublin writer Sean Denyer; and “Life and Souls”, a Ukraine themed tale, by Liverpool’s Wallace Charles.

Seven Slices of Life

Sseven slices of life

As part of our theatre makers course brand new writers and brand new directors brought together an evening of short plays all expressing slices of real life. From a robbery at a pizza shop to a woman buying a robot companion, to the youngest Brothel keeper and the first time a nurse meets death. Beautiful, funny and uplifting. Opening nights reviewed it as being a brave production that really worked.

Stand Up

Stand Up

A play about a man who loses it all. His career as a Stand Up is failing, He has separated from his wife and daughter due to his gambling and now she has a new man on the scene. Borrowing money plunges him into danger and drug dealing. But what are the odds he can win it all back. Pretty slim! Written by Bernie Winston and directed by Kevin Foott. Performed at the CASA, Liverpool.

Proud Daddy

Proud Daddy

Getting Pregnant should be easy but not when you have slow swimmers. A group of black friends go on a camping trip during the Obama Election, partly to celebrate, pertly to exorcise a few ghosts and partly to fine a father that his been much missed in a man’s life. Written by Chase Johnston-Lynch and co- directed by Chase and Merv. Jones.Originally performed at The playhouse studio, Liverpool and co- produced with Kai Jolley.