What’s Stopping You?

What's Stopping you ?

Saturday 21st October at 6.30 and 8.30pm (2 showings)

An Unstoppable Showcase of New Writing from the Stories to Screen Project and the Directors Chair workshop

Six plays that all echo the theme “What’s Stopping You ?” The project gave six writers a chance to show us that there are no obstacles to writing what really matters to them. Individual voices really shine out in the showcase. We also have filmed interviews with those who took part in the project.
Writers: JD Justice, Louise Bennett, Suzie Sinclair Wood Cunningham, Bethany Murray, Rachel Pennington and Matt shiel
Plays: Our Stage Fright, Neurodiverse girl, Something’s not Right, Don’t call me Vulnerable, Sedation and Reflections
Directors: Wayne Stuart-Cole, Sharon Colpman, Clare McGrath, Rachel Pennington and Liz Hardy

Actors: Ben Dalby, Jack Browne, Robbie James-Williamson, Rachel Pennington, Lauren Blakeway, Chris Stokes, Clare Brumby, Alan Walsh, Hannah Lewin, Kirsten Hawkins, Craig Woodcock and Hannah Monks

Thanks to our Funders The National Lottery Community fund

Directors Chair Part 1

Directors Chair Part 1 (Stage)

Kiefer Wes Williams provides a 6 week course  with lots of the basic information  and skills to start you out in the directors chair. The course can be paid in one full payment of 65 pounds or three instalments of 22pounds.

What will you Learn?
* Differences between stage and screen
* The director’s toolbox
* Role of the director
* Knowing the actor, writer and producer
* Directing styles
* The audition process
* Improvisation
* What is blocking?
* Responsibilities
* Stage work and rehearsal process

Course details

six sessions starting from Saturday 21st October from 10.00 to 12.00. Occurring every Saturday

Self-Tape 101

Do you struggle with the dreaded self-tape, wonder what you did wrong in auditions where you didn’t get the part or just want to get familiar with a film environment? This three hour workshop run by Keith Hyland with Blake John Emery will give you all the tools to successful self-taping and give you top tips about auditions and agents.
Content as follows:
. Learn how to make an industry standard self tape while experiencing film set demands in the studio.
• Participants to get their script 3 days before, similar to in industry.
• Instruction on how to make the camera work for you, how to exploit it with eyeline and movement etc
• Participants make their own self tape from the script provided and ident to take away.
• Learn ways to do well in auditions and interviews
• Perform the script provided live and in self tape – feel the pressure of being watched and judged.
Booking coming soon

Double Bill – Dancing at 3am and Down the Alley

Double Bill-Dancing at 3 am and Down The Alley

Thursday 5th October at 6.30 and 8pm (2 showings)

Dancing at 3am

By Fiona Leonard
Director Julie Broardbent
Two very different women unfold the sad and poignant tales of their pasts when they are brought together in the rather surreal setting of dancing and cake making in the wee small hours. A moving and sensitive offering culled from the Fringe’s 24-hour play event. 

Actors: Rachel Pennington and Kirsten Hawkins


Down the Alley 

By Brian Hutchinson 
Director Julie Broadbent
Two homeless people Ester and Charles bed down at the back of The Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. Charles is tipsy, battling his demons. Ester is displeased at his encroachment into her private space.

Actors: Clare McGrath and Luke Morgan

The Catbox

The Catbox

Thursday 12th October at 6.30 and 8.30pm (2 showings)

By Karl Owens

Director Abbey Fitzhenry

A comic drama, set in South Manchester, focusing on members of the Northern Voices, Writers Group. These four socially disastrous, slightly damaged people, who without realising it, have only the writers’ group and each other to escape the horrors of the real world.

Actors: Julie Frost, Alan McDonald. Tara J. Mallinson and Rob Tovey

Double Bill – Uncle Toad and I hate Charlie Pickles

Double Bill-Uncle Toad and I hate Charlie Pickles

Friday 13th October at 6.30 and 8pm (2 showings)

I Hate Charlie Pickles

By Ian Cragg
Director Kevin Foott
Assistant Director Catherine Leen
An ageing old style comic struggling to make a living yearns to shed his stage character and do something new. When opportunity knocks his agent is anxious about his abilities and hides the great chance. Fate takes a hand, but who has the last laugh?

Actors: Graham Padden, Sarah Howes-Dixon and Darren Jones


Uncle Toad. 

By Jamie Cunliffe. 
Director Sinead Renaye


A personal powerful drama. When the legendary evil uncle Nick (otherwise Uncle Toad) arrives unannounced, Chris learns some startling stuff about his past. But Nick’s nasty history is also entwined with Chris’s wife Maggie. What secrets will he disclose about her? 

Actors: Dan Fieldsend, Clare McGrath and Andy Edwards

Directors Chair Part 2

Directors Chair Part 2 (Stage)

Kiefer Wes Williams is back with the second half of his course aimed at people that have no formal training in directing.  Ideal for writers wishing to direct their own work, amateur directors from drama groups, actors that have been thinking of stepping up into the directors chair or anyone with a love of stage direction. 

In this section of the course you’ll work towards being an assistant director on a Make it Write Productions show, should you wish to do so, or using your skills in the real world of theatre. Kiefer will build your confidence, practise and technique.

It is better to have completed part one of the course before signing up for this event.

Course details

This course will run as a weekender in September.

Park Life


The park keeper is retiring. He is reflecting on his life in the park. He has seen all sorts of life from the plants growing to the young vandals turning into responsible adults. Watch snapshots of peoples stories through the seasons in the park in this uplifting and unusually written play. Make it Write’s Tag Team Writers wrote sections of this play without actually meeting each other. David Haworth put it all together and Elaine Stewart Directs, Dylan Russell is assistant director . 4th to 5th October at the Casa Bar/Theatre, Hope Street, Liverpool