Writing Together – The 10 Minute Play 5th June-10th July

Writing Together - The 10-Minute Play

Course details

This 6-part course is delivered by Make it Write’s Sharon Colpman aims to get all participants writing their own 10-minute play from scratch.

Writers will learn how to structure their play and build exciting characters and story lines.

Price £50 per person

What you will learn

  • Writing for an audience
  • Writing for different media
  • Characterisation (including p-typing)
  • Inspiration
  • mood
  • Themes, the big question and writing a short synopsis
  • Formatting your play
  • Dialogue
  • Structure (beginning, middle and end)
  • Goals and obstacles
  • Writing in a team
  • Editing and scrapping

The course is designed to run over the course of 6 consecutive Wednesdays 19.00-21.00 at Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street

5/12/19/26 June and 3/10 July

The Keys to Life and Reflections our entries to the Leverhulme Drama festival

The Keys to Life and Reflections

Reflections Monday 15th April and The Keys to Life Tuesday 16th April 7.00pm at The gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight

As part of the Leverhulme Drama Festival we bring you two plays:

Reflections by Matt Shiel and directed by Liz hardy, see’s two single people trying to navigate the new world of dating and hiding your baggage, or trying to. This ‘will they or won’t they’ play sees the morning ramblings of our couple trying to understand if they like and want their opposite number. With Craig Woodcock and Hannah Monks.

The Keys to Life by Brian Hutchinson and directed by Kevin Foott enters the world of Sara, trapped within her own mind. It looks at the madness of humanity, how global events impact on our minds and how the actions of a single despot can trip someone into a solitary world of anxiety. This is also a love story told in poetical prose unlocking a subliminal message of hope, love and compassion. Unlock your mind to something bigger.

Spoken Word Night

spoken word night at the Studio Below

2nd May at 7pm Free or Donation

Join us for a night of flash fiction, poems, monologues and duologues. We are still taking entries for our spoken word event which will be a chance for the Make it Write Community to celebrate all their hard work. A bar will be available and some open mic spots will be available if time allows. Donations at the door

If you wish to enter, your duologues can be a maximum of 10 minutes and all other entries maximum of 5 minutes. Please cast and direct your piece yourself but if you are struggling to find an actor, let us know. Please include all actors names along with your submission. It will be first come first served.

entries to info@makeitwrite.org

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Progressing your acting – Towards the Professional Stage

Progress Your Acting - Towards the Professional Stage (Level 1)

Course details

This 6-part course is delivered by Grin Theatre’s artistic director Kiefer Wes Williams and produced by Make It Write Productions. 

The actor will learn how to fine tune their skills for the stage and progress their acting career.

The course of six sessions is designed as a springboard to the advanced actor’s course which is later this year. In order to progress onto Level Two, you must attend this first course.

Price £70  (can be paid in 3 instalments of £24)

At Level One the actor will learn the techniques and dynamics of acting including:

  • Characterisation
  • Voice
  • Improvisation skills
  • Physicality
  • Preparation for audition and performance
  • Emotional resonance and response
  • Focus on dialogue and line learning.
  • Building confidence
  • Understanding the script
  • Understanding teamwork
  • Monologue
  • Actors Toolbox
  • Listening skills
  • Classical theatre and play reading.
  • Marketing your talents
  • And many more topics


The course is designed to run over the course of 6 consecutive Saturdays 10-12noon at Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street

4/11/18/25 May 1/8 June

Come along if you want to sharpen your acting and performance skills. The course is strictly 18+

Play with your Play – 25th April

A workshop where directors and actors play with your play. the intention is for you to introduce your work to us. Writers must attend this live event. Please do not enter if you are unable to attend.

Thurs 25th April 7pm
The studio below, Liverpool
Facilitator Elaine Louise Stewart
Deadline 14th April midnight

 We are currently looking for full plays longer than 45 mins up to 6 characters for our director facilitator and actors to work with. They will choose three to work on live at the Studio Below. You have the chance to ask all present about your work and how to improve it. If the directors like it, you might get a chance to have it produced with us. This is a general introduction so we can get to know you. You will see your play on it’s feet and just what a director would do with it.

Please make sure your submission has a cast list at the top with ages and gender, where needed. Write a short synopsis of the performance and anything else you think might persuade us to pick your work.

Please make sure you give us full contact details including phone number.

There will be more opportunities like this, over the next few months, with Luke Sookdeo and Molly Farquhar (I am Purple)

The studio has no disabled access but do let us know and we can arrange a zoom reading at another time, should our director be interested in your play.

Passing Moustache

Passing Moustache

FRI 01 MAR 2024 19:30 - SAT 02 MAR 2024 19.30 At Hope Street Theatre

A stylised and poetic look at how we process change… in ourselves, others and society.   What do we feel when faced with new ways of perceiving race, culture and gender.  The prison bars we refuse to see.  The writing poses big questions but finds understanding in the minutiae.

The political is public but the personal is obscured, complicated by the secrets we keep from ourselves. 

Tickets are £15 full price, £10.95 concession and a limited quantity of theatre arts students tickets at £7.25  (a code is requested)

We encourage you to go all out… bring a picnic, fizz and party before the play, during the interval and hang around afterwards to finish your drinks and chat to the cast and crew.  Just don’t bring the fireworks.  Get in early, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere, music and soundscapes. 


Cast and Crew


Alec Marriner                     Cory Sapienza

Barry Black                          Mark Prescott

Cee Green                           Michelle Phillips

Dalibor Rybar                    Terence Caddick

Eddie Pinkney                    Ted Grant

Fiona Fern                            Rachel Davies

Gerry Silver                         Sonia Sidje 


Director: Merv Jones

Writer/Producer:  Edward Gray

Stage Manager:  Siobhan Pearson

Graphic Design & IT: Blake Emery

Executive Producer: Sharon Colpman

A Make It Write Production

From the Executive Producer

I often get unsolicited plays landing in my inbox with an excited ping.  I usually redirect the sender to the writers drop in, but this was different.  It was from Ted Gray who was already attending the drop in and had told me about his play.  I read it.  At the time it was just the bare bones and it wasn’t the shape of a normal play.  It crashed over me like a wave and then reset with a chorus.  At 58 years old, I don’t often get excited about much, but I could see the potential in this extract.  The play became the Passing Moustache and I could not be more pleased to present it to you.

Sharon Colpman

Playwright’s Weekender (3rd and 4th February)

Playwright's Weekender (Your bootcamp for techique improvement)

 Kiefer Wes Williams (The Play’s the Thing) and Sharon Colpman (Writing Together) are your facilitators to bring you a whole weekend to work on understanding your technique and how to make your plays work. This course is suitable for beginners and those with no formal training in play writing. People wishing to improve on areas they struggle with will also enjoy this weekender.

 Areas covered in this course are:

  • Playwright’s Toolbox
  • Making an ideas bank
  • Characterisation
  • Dialogue
  • Plotting and structure
  • Writer’s block
  • Team writing
  • Editing
 Participants will be expected to attend both days of this 2 day course. Any participants who write a 30 minute play following this course will have priority access to Play with you Play, where your work could be chosen to be performed during the Liverpool Fringe festival.


Course details

This course will run over the two days of the weekend 3rd and 4th February.  It will be held at The Studio Below (39 Rodney St. Liverpool)

Door will be open from 9.30am where refreshments will be available, for a prompt start at 10am. The course finishes at 4pm each day. Please bring your own lunch or some money to buy your lunch in the surrounding shops.

The course is £60

Christmas Platter

Christmas Platter - spoken word night

Friday 15th December at 7pm Free or Donation

Join us for a night of Christmas poems, monologues and duologues. We are still taking entries for our spoken word event which will be a chance for the Make it Write Community to celebrate all we have achieved since the Studio Below opened at the start of the year. A bar will be available and some open mic spots will be available if time allows. Free entry so no ticket required, but we will pass the bucket round.

Double Bill – Dancing at 3am and I hate Charlie Pickles

Double Bill-Dancing at 3 am and Down The Alley

Friday 10th November 6.30pm and 8.30pm (2 showings)

Dancing at 3am

By Fiona Leonard
Director Julie Broardbent
Two very different women unfold the sad and poignant tales of their pasts when they are brought together in the rather surreal setting of dancing and cake making in the wee small hours. A moving and sensitive offering culled from the Fringe’s 24-hour play event. 

Actors: Rachel Pennington and Kirsten Hawkins

I Hate Charlie Pickles

By Ian Cragg
Director Kevin Foott
Assistant Director Catherine Leen
An ageing old style comic struggling to make a living yearns to shed his stage character and do something new. When opportunity knocks his agent is anxious about his abilities and hides the great chance. Fate takes a hand, but who has the last laugh?

Actors: Graham Padden, Sarah Howes-Dixon and Darren Jones


What’s Stopping You?

What's Stopping you ?

Saturday 21st October at 6.30 and 8.30pm (2 showings)

An Unstoppable Showcase of New Writing from the Stories to Screen Project and the Directors Chair workshop

Six plays that all echo the theme “What’s Stopping You ?” The project gave six writers a chance to show us that there are no obstacles to writing what really matters to them. Individual voices really shine out in the showcase. We also have filmed interviews with those who took part in the project.
Writers: JD Justice, Louise Bennett, Suzie Sinclair Wood Cunningham, Bethany Murray, Rachel Pennington and Matt shiel
Plays: Our Stage Fright, Neurodiverse girl, Something’s not Right, Don’t call me Vulnerable, Sedation and Reflections
Directors: Wayne Stuart-Cole, Sharon Colpman, Clare McGrath, Rachel Pennington and Liz Hardy

Actors: Ben Dalby, Jack Browne, Robbie James-Williamson, Rachel Pennington, Lauren Blakeway, Chris Stokes, Clare Brumby, Alan Walsh, Hannah Lewin, Kirsten Hawkins, Craig Woodcock and Hannah Monks

Thanks to our Funders The National Lottery Community fund