Progressing your acting – Towards the Professional Stage

Progress Your Acting - Towards the Professional Stage (Level 1)

Course details

This 6-part course is delivered by Grin Theatre’s artistic director Kiefer Wes Williams and produced by Make It Write Productions. 

The actor will learn how to fine tune their skills for the stage and progress their acting career.

The course of six sessions is designed as a springboard to the advanced actor’s course which is later this year. In order to progress onto Level Two, you must attend this first course.

Price £70  (can be paid in 3 instalments of £24)

At Level One the actor will learn the techniques and dynamics of acting including:

  • Characterisation
  • Voice
  • Improvisation skills
  • Physicality
  • Preparation for audition and performance
  • Emotional resonance and response
  • Focus on dialogue and line learning.
  • Building confidence
  • Understanding the script
  • Understanding teamwork
  • Monologue
  • Actors Toolbox
  • Listening skills
  • Classical theatre and play reading.
  • Marketing your talents
  • And many more topics


The course is designed to run over the course of 6 consecutive Saturdays 10-12noon at Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street

4/11/18/25 May 1/8 June

Come along if you want to sharpen your acting and performance skills. The course is strictly 18+

Self-Tape 101

Do you struggle with the dreaded self-tape, wonder what you did wrong in auditions where you didn’t get the part or just want to get familiar with a film environment? This three hour workshop run by Keith Hyland with Blake John Emery will give you all the tools to successful self-taping and give you top tips about auditions and agents.
Content as follows:
. Learn how to make an industry standard self tape while experiencing film set demands in the studio.
• Participants to get their script 3 days before, similar to in industry.
• Instruction on how to make the camera work for you, how to exploit it with eyeline and movement etc
• Participants make their own self tape from the script provided and ident to take away.
• Learn ways to do well in auditions and interviews
• Perform the script provided live and in self tape – feel the pressure of being watched and judged.
Booking coming soon

Stories to Screen

stories to screen

Everyone has a tale to tell

Our lottery funded project is offering people that would like to start writing but are not sure where to start or people that prefer to tell stories out loud but struggle putting pen to paper. We are also offering spaces to people that would like to learn about film making and editing but don’t have the equipment to give it a try. Patrick Graham, echo journalist for L8, and other special guests, will be joining us on this playful journey to discover the stories you’d like to tell and those that are personal to you. The project allows you to organise a spoken word night and as your stories are turned into films and documentaries, a film night will end the course. There is no fee to participate but an understanding of the value of this course to each member must be recognised at the start of the course. The course will start Wednesday 24th May, 18.30-20.30 at the Studio Below, Liverpool. Contact us if you would like to hear more. Please let us know why you’d like to be part of the course.

Please specify your interests in the message box below.



An introduction into the creative world of sketches, skits and all things silly through improvisation, devising and sharing fun together.
Whether you’re a keen writer, performer or lover of comedy all are welcome.
Co-facilitated by professional artists Merv and Jen, who between them have a wealth of creative knowledge and making stuff up and being daft off and on stage.

The taster session is designed to show you the importance of improvisation and devising when it comes to script writing and sketch writing.

Decide if you’d like to continue onto the full course of workshops at the end of this taster session.

Join us on Sunday 7th May (10am – 4pm) but sign up below. The full day is only £30